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Selling Your Hatteras Island Home

The Hatteras Island real Estate market made a 180 degree turn in 2020. Beach houses started selling quickly at higher prices than could have been predicted. Inventory is down and buyers need new listing options. As we move into 2021, there are a few things to consider if you are contemplating selling your Hatteras Island […]

Tips for The Buyers Out There

It has been about 15 years since Hatteras Island’s last Seller’s Market.  The tables have turned this year, and we are seeing many multiple offer situations, full or above asking price deals, and buyers feeling like they missed out as new listings are going under contract quickly.  Inventory is down and Buyer activity is up, […]

A Mate’s Life

It’s 3:15 AM when the first alarm goes off. The coffee has been brewed and it’s time to start his day. My husband, Andy, is a mate on a charter boat and his day starts early and ends late.  By 4:00 AM he is at the boat preparing for a day in the Gulf Stream […]

Young Life by Diane Lea

For the past several months Hatteras Island and the rest of the nation have been gripped by great concern and confusion. But as summer rolls in there is good news to share. As we see national events unfold, we are reminded that it is young people upon whom our country’s future depends. So what is […]

Spring Cleaning by Diane Lea

Among the joys of living on Hatteras Island is my array of handy friends. Having lived in academic communities for most of my life, (academics are not known for handiness), I really appreciate being able to call a friend or neighbor and ask about repairs, maintenance and workmen. I can also walk around my neighborhood […]

Maritime Forests by Diane Lea

As the “Quiet Season” on Hatteras Island comes to an end and residents and visitors look to the Easter Holidays and the opening of seasonally closed businesses, there is one more adventure to enjoy before the seasons change.  That is walking, hiking or running in the verdant maritime forests that comprise Frisco and Buxton Woods. […]