Flood Insurance Affordability Act

Call NC Representatives TODAY to Support HR 3370 – Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act
H.R. 3370- Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act is expected to be heard in the House tomorrow – Wednesday, February 26th.

The House bill has been revised from an earlier version and includes different language than its Senate companion bill, S. 1926, which was passed in January. Whereas the Senate bill delays implementation of the loss of grandfathering and other Biggert-Waters provisions for four years until an Affordability Study is complete, the House bill provisions are not dependent on the outcome of an Affordability Study and would be immediate – not delayed – if the bill passes.

H.R. 3370 reinstates grandfathering; permanently removes the “sales” trigger thus greatly helping sellers and buyers; and refunds policyholders who purchased pre-FIRM homes after July 2012 and were then charged much higher rates. The bill lowers the annual cap on rate increases from 20% to 15%; returns the substantial improvement threshold back to 50%; and allows annual surcharges on policies.

PLEASE CALL NC HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES TODAY AND URGE THEM TO VOTE FOR H.R. 3370 – HOMEOWNER FLOOD INSURANCE AFFORDABILITY ACT! Let them know that this bill is a fair and balanced, common sense approach that would correct the unintended consequences of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 while strengthening the sustainability of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Below is a list of NC US Representatives. We are in District 3, but feel free to contact any other Representatives you are familiar with or have had contact with. Rep. GK Butterfield represents the Halifax/Tarboro area; Rep. Mike McIntyre is a coastal NC Representative. Most Representatives have a Facebook and Twitter account. Contact them through social media also. When contacting Congressman Jones’ office, please thank him for his support of our efforts!

District Name Party Phone
1 Butterfield, G.K. D 202-225-3101
2 Ellmers, Renee R 202-225-4531
3 Jones, Walter B. R 202-225-3415
4 Price, David D 202-225-1784
5 Foxx, Virginia R 202-225-2071
6 Coble, Howard R 202-225-3065
7 McIntyre, Mike D 202-225-2731
8 Hudson, Richard R 202-225-3715
9 Pittenger, Robert R 202-225-1976
10 McHenry, Patrick T. R 202-225-2576
11 Meadows, Mark R 202-225-6401
12 Vacant
13 Holding, George R 202-225-3032

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