The Real Estate TV Explosion


When turning on the television these days, you are bound to run across at least one real estate TV show. Whether it’s HGTV, TLC, Destination America or Bravo, these shows are popping up everywhere. Ones like “Trading Spaces,” “Million Dollar Listing,” and “House Hunters” are influencing the public and creating expectations on how other people are living and what it is like to buy, sell and “flip” houses. The appeal of these shows seems to be aspirational. It’s about getting to look at high-end real estate, viewing homes in exotic locales or watching homeowners, cast and crew renovate or redecorate a home.

Real Estate TV on the Outer Banks

On the Outer Banks, the real estate community has had the pleasure of working with both HGTV and Destination America on shows such as “My House Is Worth What?” “Beachfront Bargain Hunt” and “Buying the Beach.” NC 12 Realty’s own, Carla Reynolds, starred in two episodes of HGTV’s “My House Is Worth What?” which featured homes in Avon and Buxton in 2009. These networks have really embraced our area and the Island has been glad to share a glance of our piece of paradise with the rest of the world.

 Are They An Accurate Portrayal

While these shows are not always an accurate portrayal of a real estate transaction, they do give you a quick glimpse into the process. Usually the home buying process is a lot lengthier and more involved than what is shown on TV. These shows are good for sellers to see what it takes to sell a home, with great tips on de-cluttering and staging, as well as taking care of home maintenance issues. For buyers, it can help them focus in on what is most important to them and mentally sort out needs verses wants.

How NC 12 Realty Does It

At NC 12 Realty we have dipped our toes into the real estate TV genre by having our own NC 12 Realty TV show which airs daily on our local cable OBX Channel 12.  You can also view the show on NC 12 Realty’s YouTube channel or under the “About Us” tab on our website.  While we are not re-decorating, house flipping or taking buyers out to find their next vacation home on-air, we are showing off our great listings to a wonderful audience of fellow Hatteras Island lovers. We hope you will take a minute while you are on the Outer Banks to check out the show and let us know what you think. If you see something you like, give us a call. We’d love to take you out and show you all of the beautiful real estate this Island has to offer.


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