Hey, everyone! I’m Carmen, NC 12 Realty’s online marketing and branding assistant. I wanted to introduce myself because from now on, I will be a large part of the company’s communication system – handling the social media, email marketing, blogs, and more!
My connection to NC 12 is through my parents, Carla & Trafton, who raised me in the Outer Banks from the time that I was 5, until I went off to college at UNCW in Wilmington, NC. Can’t stay away from the beach for too long! I graduated from UNCW in the fall of 2020, earning my degree in Communication Studies (COM), specializing in Integrated Marketing Communications (online communications), and minoring in Leadership Studies!

My Story

Frankly, I went to college not knowing what to do and not necessarily wanting to be there either. I took my first COM class because it filled a graduation requirement. I actually didn’t think I’d ever need the class because I thought I knew how to talk to people – but boy, I was wrong! The COM major that I believed was “just learning how to talk to people” was actually learning how to effectively argue with loved ones, market/promote anything through communicating, understand emotions and how to use them to an advantage in a healthy way, and SO much more.
After starting my COM classes, I joined a sorority where I met a lot of my college friends, and I noticed that they were all very open about their emotions, mental health, goals, wants, and needs – and it was so refreshing to me! It encouraged me to dive into self improvement, goals, mental health, a healthier lifestyle, etc.
So combining my knowledge with communications, online marketing, and countless hours of personal development and mental health research, I decided to create a blog! The Sustainability of Positivity was created in December of 2020 as a mental health and personal development blog for women in their 20’s. Creating the blog helped me learn so much more about online marketing tasks – creating graphics, content strategizing, knowing social media algorithms, designing websites, creating email campaigns, forming general business marketing strategies, branding, and more. 
So now that I’ve graduated, I’ve started my own business, The SOP Marketing & Management Company. I help companies like NC 12 organically grow online by performing tasks like social media management, email campaigns, blogs, business branding, graphic creation, and coaching sessions! I’m excited and thankful to become more involved with NC 12’s socials – I love getting to share about my hometown and help my parents market the brand that they’ve worked so hard to build for the past 8 years! 
Thank you for letting me introduce myself – feel free to shoot me a message on any of our social medias to say hi and do the same! Have a good one!

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