2023 Elevator Safety Requirements for Hatteras Island Homeowners

Weston’s Law was enacted to set safety requirements for elevators in some short-term residential properties, which Governor Cooper signed in House Bill 619 in July of 2022.  The law went into effect on October 1, 2022, and is designed to prevent injury or death caused by gaps in some elevators between the elevator car door and the landing door.  Gaps greater than 4 inches must have certain permanent baffles or space guards installed.  Additionally, Weston’s Law mandates that elevator doors and gates can withstand 75 pounds of applied force without bending more than ¾ of an inch, displacing from the guide or tracks, or becoming permanently deformed.  Elevator doors or gates that are not compliant must be replaced with doors that meet the new safety requirements. 

If your North Carolina property is rented more than 15 days a year, Weston’s Law applies to your short-term rental, and you should be proactive and make sure your elevator is compliant.  Landlords (this means homeowners, not the property managers) are responsible for ensuring their elevator complies.  Elevators that do not meet the new safety requirements must be disabled until the door is replaced, and homeowners must submit the proper documentation to the Commissioner of Insurance after repair and before use. 

Don’t delay scheduling your annual elevator inspection. A seller working with NC 12 Realty recently ordered a new elevator door, despite the baffle installed previously. We were alerted after a home inspection that the vinyl accordion door was damaged and did not meet safety standards per Weston’s Law.  A new elevator door was ordered right away but there is a three month wait time for its expected delivery. 

Obviously, the safety of your guests is top priority, and you cannot afford to wait to make sure you are ready for their 2023 arrival. 

Weston’s Law can be viewed here within the General Assembly of North Carolina’s House Bill 619

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